Taking A Step Back To Consider

I’ve had this past week off due to sickness and it’s given me a little bit of time to actually think about what I’m up to and reconsidering my approach to the online world of media. On one hand I feel like I need to be putting way more time into consumption and creation of online media and on the other hand I’m curious if there is actually a huge benefit to that. Stepping outside of the online world for a bit I’ve come to realize that much of what goes on there is still very ‘niche’ and I’ve been trying to calculate if it will actually become a necessary part of my future career in media. I don’t want to completely consume myself in the online world only to neglect the other sources around me but I want to continue being a part of building breaking edge media. I’ve searched and found some local people that I’m planning on talking to in the near future to get more of a grasp on how I should be approaching this unknown beast of media.

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