Getting Into It

In the past couple weeks I’ve been welcomingly overwhelmed by how quickly things can move. In September, I discovered LONDONFUSE.

LONDONFUSE is all about fusing together London’s creative and cultural scenes. LondonFuse is a new way to promote an event, scene or idea to the community of London, ON. LondonFuse provides Londoners with the ability to showcase media content in a bold and stylish format by providing accessible online media blogging and syndication tools.

Instantly I was in love with the idea and wanted to participate. I met up with the man behind FUSE, Thomas Cermak, and committed to creating a FUSE branded podcast. The first release of the podcast came several months later as planning collided with the time to do it. The result of FUSEcast Episode 1 was well received and the release evolved into a greater desire to make LondonFuse known in our community.

After speaking with Thomas post-SMarts, we threw around ideas of where we could go with FUSE right now and how we can grow the community. was a result of us wanting to bring the LondonFuse community to where everyone already is. We achieved our initial goal of 100 fans in less than a day and the FUSE community on Facebook is continuing to grow.

The next goal is to have more people contributing to LONDONFUSE. London has an incredible blogging community full of intelligent, well supported, discussion creating bloggers with integrity. Having these bloggers syndicate their content on FUSE shares with more readers generating more discussion. In the young life of LondonFuse it’s already been accomplishing it’s goal of integrating our community.

I’ve been really getting into this community and I love everything about it.

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