Vancouver Bound!

I’m heading to Vancouver for a week to cover the 2010 Winter Olympics! A company called VeriCorder has invited me down. They are flying me out, giving me a cot to sleep on in some student house, and stocking that house up with boxes of cereal. They are giving me a Transit Pass (hopefully TransLink is better than the LTC) and a Media Pass. VeriCorder creates iPhones apps designed so mobile journalists¬†can record, edit, and send their media right from the field.¬†. One of the apps they are releasing shortly is Poddio Pro; a slick audio recording and editing app. I’m going to help demo the app to thousands of journalists at Robson Square before the games then once the games start I’ll be let loose in Vancouver with an iPhone and a Media Pass. I’m not going to be feeding you the scores or the medal rankings because you can see and hear that anywhere. I’m going to try and bring you what you can’t see.. the things and people behind the podium and what the games are like for any person lucky enough to be in Vancouver. I do feel really lucky to be able to be in Vancouver for an event that will hopefully bring the nation together.

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