Your Support is Amazing

I’m continually amazed by the community in London. In the past month I’ve graduated from Fanshawe College, got a full-time job that I’m going to love, met new people at Geek Dinner, worked with amazing people on LondonFuse,¬†presented a session at Podcamp London, attended the Canada 3.0 digital media forum, and had a column about me published on A2 of May 11th’s Free Press. To say the least, it’s been a month full of lessons for me and the biggest lesson learned is that community is everything. Whether it was podcampers telling me they thought what I was doing was really interesting, all the great friends on twitter and facebook follow what I’m up to, new people I met at geek dinner wishing me the best of luck in Kelowna, or the cool kids¬†who I got to bounce ideas off of at #can30, you mean a lot to me and what I’m doing with my life.

We’ve talked a lot about what London needs to do to keep people in the city and the answer to that is still elusive, but I want #ldnont‘ers to make sure they realize that they are doing a lot RIGHT. The support that you offer will continue to create growth in the community and it will flourish beyond the city limits. As I mentioned during my improvised speech when I was surprised with a going away gift from podcampers, even if I’m not around the London community, you’ve taught me so much about what a community should be and have had lessons in cultivating the discussion and community that we have and that’s priceless.

So no hallmark, no flashy e-card, but I just wanted to say thanks.

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