Mark Reale’s Tips on Creating a Name in the Tech Industry

Karim Kanji asked 5 Questions of Mark Reale over on his blog. Mark is an anchor in the digital media industry in Toronto teaching at Seneca, helping to run the Yorkville Media Centre and #leancoffeeTO, and partnering with BNOTIONS.

In Mark’s concise manner, he had this advice:

Do you have any success start-up tips for people wanting to create a name for themselves in your industry?

  1. work your ass off
  2. be memorable
  3. each one, teach one
  4. be relentlessly honest

The tech industry is thriving and growing endlessly and these tips help define why our industry is at this successful level. Being at places like the BNOTIONS office in Toronto I get to see people working their asses off (tip #1) on projects and technology that they love and while doing this, sharing and learning with each other (tip #3).

Honesty is something that’s hard to find in the working world. Corporate culture demands over-promising on abilities and resources and that always leads to failure. The technology industry with it’s misfits, start-ups, and collaboration culture breeds honestly (tip #4) allowing us to grow together.

Being memorable, (tip #2) well that’s up to you to figure out.

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