It’s Time for Me to Do

About a year ago, I posted good news that I landed a job with a cool company called VeriCorder. I packed up my bags for a trip across the country the day after college graduation and started an adventure.

This adventure has led me to amazing places, meeting wonderful people, and got me involved with life-changing things. Now that adventure continues on. I’ve had a chance to explore the startup domain, the core values that drive the tech community, and discover interesting technology in the past year, but most of that has been just talk. It’s time for me to do.

There’s usually only one way to “do” - dive right in.

I’m teaming up with a really cool startup called based in New York City. It means packing my bags in the next few weeks and leaving a community of brilliant, driven, and caring people I love. That tears me apart. What comes of it, though, is an opportunity to do what I’ve been exploring and defining for the last year and help ship some delightful products. I’ll be the Director of Product and Technology for, a site to inspire future brides and grooms planning their wedding. I’ll get hands on with lean processes, product development and iteration, and explore and implement technology in a transparent way.

I’ll go to work and learn all day long. I couldn’t be more excited.

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