Adam Lisagor on Steve Jobs

On the 5by5 “Thank You, Steve Jobs” special:

Hi Steve,

How great is it that you’re one of the most influential people in the history of the world and we all call you Steve. How great is it that you’re famously reclusive and private but you read all of your email and answer it on a whim. That’s something I’m taking from you, by the way. It’s a testament to what kind of a man you are; one that holds himself personally accountable for his decisions, who will answer for himself, and is always the most apt representative of the company he created. I’ll tell you something about what I’ve learned from you, something that’s now more clear in the last day or so than it’s been even before. That’s it’s OK to say no to the things in our lives that add no meaning. That by doing so, we set the context within which to be our greatest selves. In the way you began at some point to wake up each day and confront yourself with your mortality, I’ll from here on wake up and ask myself how many things am I doing that add no meaning and whatever that number is is how many things I’ll strip away. Because I want to be my greatest self, like you. So thank you, Steve. You brought into the world a real honest love for the promise of humanity. You saw the greatness in us and helped build us the tools to see the greatness in ourselves.

I haven’t been able to articulate much on Steve’s death. Adam’s words, delivered in his solemn but engaged tone, are some I’ll never forget.

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