Alfred Extension: Convert Unix Time to Readable Format

I hacked my first Alfred extension together to solve a pain that I run into sometimes at work. Unix time is about as nerdy of a measurement as you can get. It’s a count (in seconds) since the arbitrary date of Thursday, January 1st, 1970 UTC which is used throughout Unix environments as a timestamp. It’s often used in databases as unique timestamps for rows of data and often enough (before adding human-readable columns into our tables) I need to convert epoch time into something I can read. In comes Alfred. The simple extension contains one line of Ruby (which I didn’t even write myself) and takes the input of your Alfred query.

  1. Copy the unix timestamp.
  2. Activate Alfred and use the keyword “epoch”.
  3. Paste in the timestamp.
  4. The extension puts the human-readable timestamp in your clipboard.

The current output of the extension is in the YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS format and can be configured however you want in the settings.

If converting Unix time is something you have enough nerd-cred to do, download the extension here.

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