Assateague Island — September 28-30, 2012

Assateague Island is known for its wild horses. We saw a couple, but not as many as we were expecting. What could have potentially been a dreary wet weekend being spent reading in my tent turned out to be a nice weekend.

Assateague Island Map

[FRI 2012-10-28]

[15:25] — On the N train out to Astoria. I’m going to be a little late to meet Manny. I’m starving because I didn’t get a chance to eat before leaving.

[SAT 2012-10-29]

[02:00] — Finally getting settled into camp. It was an afternoon of waiting for Manny at the diner, waiting in traffic (there was an overturned gas tanker on the highway, apparently). After escaping via emergency u-turns and then getting a detour on our detour, we made it to the island. We got a bit turned around, but finally made it. I’m not sure if I’ll make it up for the 6AM sunrise. That’s pretty soon.

[08:30] — It’s a cloudy morning. Doesn’t look like rain clouds which is a relief. It was a nice temperature last night and the distant sounds of the waves rolling in made for a pretty good nights sleep. Well, relative to camping.

[09:55] — Our campsite neighbor is a guy names Phil from Pennsylvania. He’s here with his wife and dog in their trailer. We talked about fishing. He had good stories of fishing in Northern Ontario and along the seashores. Phil showed me his favorite fishing rod. That deep sea rod is 50 years old tomorrow. It shares the same birthday as Phil. He got it when he was 12.

Phil showed me a lure they had really good luck fishing pike with. It was a red devil but just a bit different. He showed it to me. It had just a bit different of a curve that gave it a bit different action. “Here, you have it.” he said.

[13:05] — We just got off the main road to hike along the beach. We rounded the corner and saw dolphins in the surf.

[15:55] — We’re settled into camp now. This is a first for me camping in the sand.

Clear skies, clear sea.

[23:40] — Good day. There was an incredible sunset over the bayside of the island. The setting sun lit up the dunes. A full moon followed the sunset. It shone down with a surprising brightness. We didn’t even need our headlamps. It’s a little chilly now that the fire is out and I’m settling into bed. I don’t think it’s going to be too cold and hope the cool night allows for a restful sleep.

Night, sun.

[SUN 2012-10-30]

[08:35] — The sun’s up and so am I. It’s warm out. My body is pretty tight from the sleep and I need to get moving.

[11:30] — Packed up camp and heading out.

Hiking home along the beach.

[13:30] — Back at the cars. We had a bit of a stretch and a cold drink. Lounged around the tailgate for a bit.

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